Champions League dreams up in smoke? (FIFA 2000 #8)

Middlesbrough (0:0) Leicester City

Leicester City (1:2) Newcastle United: Heskey

Everton (1:2) Leicester City: Recoba, Heskey

We ruined it for ourselves in matches against North-East opposition. We were fruitless in attack on Teesside and by the time Newcastle were down at Filbert, Emile Heskey’s juices had stopped flowing, he netted on 17 minutes but a double from none other than Alan Shearer saw our Champions League chances slip through our fingers with Chelsea making a late surge above us into second place. Emile Heskey was the man to net a winner at Goodison Park just when we needed one.

League Table: (final day)

Manchester United     90

Chelsea                       75

Arsenal                        74


Leicester City              72

West Ham                   69

Liverpool                     69

Arsenal had a final day trip at White Hart Lane to navigate whilst Chelsea hosted Aston Villa, Liverpool hosted Watford and West Ham were at Hillsborough. We definitely needed a win at home to Leeds United.


Leicester City (0:1) Leeds United

Ian Harte penalty

We were undone by a penalty in a scrappy affair. Luckily Liverpool and West Ham were both held in their matches. Nothing but disappointment to have missed out on a Champions League place and to a stupid defensive mistake.

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