Blending four systems into one (FIFA 2000 #6)

Let’s begin with a montage.

Coventry City (0:1) Leicester City: Heskey

Leicester City (4:2) Watford: Heskey 2, Carlos, Recoba

West Ham United (1:0) Leicester City

Leicester City (3:2) Watford: Recoba 2, Nesta

Liverpool (2:4) Leicester City: Riise missed penalty, Recoba 3, Heskey

One slip up brought us into March, a sullen loss at Upton Park thanks to a bad mistake at a corner to allow John Hartson in. Our approach has evolved somewhat since the start of the season. We’ve blended a 5-3-2, 3-5-2, 3-4-3 and 2-3-5 systems all under the veil of one system. At this point, the business end of the season, the part where everyone told us that we’d fall back to 7th or 8th – where we belong, we were made stronger. Our ‘score more goals than you approach’ netted us 13 goals in 5 games. Alvaro Recoba has been revolutionary as always. Don’t tell anybody but he’s my vote for player of the season.


Leicester City (0:1) Southampton

Marian Pahars

And now for something completely different entirely. This was a carbon copy of the game at Upton Park but with 20,000 crammed into Filbert Street, Southampton performed the magic trick under our very eyes. Marian Pahars snatched a fourth minute winner and sat back. This suited us perfectly. Our evolved 2-3-5 system didn’t need to rely on Alessandro Nesta’s pace, it just needed the pick of a lock. We searched for 86 minutes and couldn’t find it, despite three pieces of the woodwork we took with us into the next game.


Leicester City (3:1) Everton

Emile Heskey

John Collins

Emile Heskey

Alvaro Recoba

The quarter final of the FA Cup made all that more important by the elimination of Manchester United at Pride Park on Saturday lunchtime. This left us as the highest ranked team in the cup with West Ham also booking their semi-final places and Southampton or Tottenham to do so in concurrence with our match at Filbert. From the first ten minutes I knew I didn’t want any part of this game. I wanted a tetchy one-goal win but inside 20 minutes we were back to playing basketball with the Toffees, leading 2-1. Thankfully, our midfield kicked in as Everton forced us further back. Turned out it was their downfall. The second half speaks for itself, I believe.


League Table: (after 27)

Manchester United     66

Leicester City              55

Chelsea                       55

Liverpool                     53

Arsenal                        53

West Ham United       44

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