Bad temperament mars Meazza’s Arsenal (FIFA Career Mode #3)

ARSENAL 3 | Lozano 10’, Sanchez 28’, Mbappe 78’, (Tielemans & Goretzka sent off)

MONACO 1 | Germain 25’, (Falcao missed penalty)


Alexis Sanchez scored a header from a corner, do I need to say any more than that? Pissed this game.


BURNLEY 5 | Vokes 34’, Grey 60’ 75’, Barnes 78’, Brady 90’+1

ARSENAL 2 | Mbappe 44’ pen, Tielemans 57’, (Walcott sent off)


Sule suspended.

Wilshere suspended.

Bellerin suspended.

Tolisso suspended.

Sanchez injured.

Tah injured.

Alli suspended.

They cut through us like a hot knife through freshly refrigerated Lurpak. It took a while but they got the job done in the end.


ARSENAL 1 | Goretzka 53’

SWANSEA 4 | Britton 4’, Baston 23’, Olsson 40’, Fer 90’ (Sigurdsson missed penalty)


Leon fucking Britton? Isn’t he a dwarf? Isn’t he 56? How is he still a footballer? A deflected fucking shot.

Why did my team run and pass like utter penguins?!


JUVENTUS 2 | Higuain 3’ 29’



Time to bastard again.

Tactics versus Juventus

As you can see we lined up with Lozano and Sanchez acting as wing-backs and Theo Walcott in a defensive midfield role. These three are the only attacking outlets for Kylian Mbappe on his own up top. Lozano and Sanchez will overlap the flanking defensive midfielders who fill their void whilst attacking. Alli drops as the combined pace of Mbappe, Walcott, Sanchez & Lozano make four players seem like 5 or 6 on the counter.

Due to Tielemans and Goretzka’s suspensions, I fulfilled Tielemans’ sweeper role with Laurent Koscielny and Xhaka filled in for Goretzka as the left-sided defensive midfielder.

Of course, all of this doesn’t work if Gonzalo Higuain thundercunts two goals in from 30 yards.


after three games:





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